2015 Mileage Rates

Standard Mileage Rate Revisions for January 2015 
The University's mileage reimbursement rates for expenses incurred in connection with the business use of a private automobile will be revised in accordance with the Internal Revenue Service standard mileage rates published in Announcement IR 2011-69. The new rates are effective for expenses incurred on or after January 1, 2015. 

* The reimbursement rate for the use of a private automobile for University business travel will increase from 56.0 cents a mile to 57.5 cents a mile. Appendix A of Business and Finance Bulletin G-28, Policy and Regulations Governing Travel, will be revised to include this change. 

* The reimbursement rate for driving or shipping an automobile in connection with a move or relocation will decrease from 23.5 cents a mile to 23.0 cents a mile. Business and Finance Bulletin G-13, Policy and Regulations Governing Moving and Relocation, will be revised to incorporate this change. 

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