Professor Mike O'Mahoney to speak at SenseAsia conference

Dr. O'Mahony

Dr. O'Mahony will present "The 9-point hedonic scale and hedonic ranking: Some reappraisals and alternatives" at the the 2nd Asian Sensory and Consumer Research Symposium (SenseAsia) conference in Shanghai in mid-May. 

The conference will focus on providing updates on key areas in sensory and consumer science by the world's experts in these fields. In addition, the meeting will be a showcase for the region's scientific and industrial practitioners to present their research in a prestigious, international context. 

Professor O'Mahony performs research in the senses and brain processing and how they relate to sensory and consumer testing. Topics like bias in fine discriminations between similar foods, bias when estimating the strength or liking for food flavors, vanishing tastes and smells, inventing a language for flavor, solving the problem of false preferences and designing a food that people will like, even though it doesn't yet exist. Professor O'Mahony conducts this research so that better methods can be developed for sensory and consumer testing. 

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