FST grad and post-doc is off to OSU as Assistant Professor

Dave Dallas

Dr. David Dallas is off to Oregon State University to become an Assistant Professor of Nutrition in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, starting in January, 2016. 

Dave was a graduate student at UC Davis in the Nutrition Graduate Group, working under Professor Bruce German. For his post-doctoral fellowship, Dave was in the Food Science Department and mentored by Drs. Daniela Barile, Bruce German, David Mills, Carlito Lebrilla and Mark Underwood. As a graduate student and as a post-doctoral fellow, Dave's work focused on examining how milk proteins are digested in infants. During this work, he assembled novel mass spectrometry techniques to assess the thousands of unique protein fragments released across digestion. His work also revealed that milk proteases begin to digest milk proteins within the mother's mammary gland and continue to aid in digestion within the infant. 

Dave's work at OSU will be funded by the NIH R00 Early Independence Award and will focus on examining protein digestion in infants. Dave's work will be expanding to examine how different amounts of dietary protein, protein sources and food processing treatments affect digestion and how this can alter the gut microbiome, the microbial metabolome and gut tissue health. 

Dave would like to thank his many mentors at UC Davis and the Food Science Department for making this work possible! 

Congratulations to Dr. Dallas!