Food Tech Club holds first meeting of the year

The Food Tech Club at the University of California, Davis, is a student organization geared towards informing students in all food science-related majors of available resources. 

During the course of the year, bi-monthly meetings are held to inform students of events such as fund raisers, field trips to food processing plants, and special banquets. The Food Tech Club also hosts guest lectures, inviting speakers from industry and academia to share their experiences with the club. From these meetings, we gain a deeper understanding of the diversity of the food industry, and the career opportunities and options it offers. The club also serves to inform students of available scholarships via e-mail and by word of mouth. 

The Food Tech Club is an active participant in regional and nation-wide food competitions, in which teams of students come together in combined effort, to compete with other schools in product development. Through these various joint student faculty events, students have the opportunity to interact with the faculty on a social and friendly level. 

Our meetings will be EVERY OTHER Friday at 1 pm. Locations are listed on the calendar of the FTC website
The next meeting will be on 10/24, more info will be emailed later on. 

We will be having tours of the food industry throughout the whole year. It is a great way to get more of an understanding about certain aspects of the food industry. 

To become an official member of FTC: 
- turn in the membership form (ask any of the officers one) 
- pay a fee of $10 to support the club 
- or pay $15 for an awesome FTC t-shirt! 

Stay in touch with us, please join our Facebook page 


For those of you interested in Product Development, there will be a Product Development Competition Meeting 10/14 at 6pm in CoHo! (sorry for the last minute notice!)