Purchasing Deadline: June 2nd

All order requests over $5K and agreements (revenue, rental and no cost) must be at the Account Manager level of approval in PrePurchasing no later than 5pm on Tuesday, June 2nd to ensure the order will be placed with the vendor before June 30th. 

Please be sure you have included the necessary paperwork for your order to be processed in a timely manner: 
-Vendor quote 
-Contract (if applicable) 
-Sole source documentation (if applicable) 
-Equipment tax reduction checklist (if applicable) 

Feel free to contact Jamie Brannan if you have any questions or concerns regarding this deadline. 

Jamie Brannan 
1141 RMI North (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday) 
2030 Bainer (Wednesday) 
2036 Bainer (Friday) 
Phone: 530-752-9475 (MTRF) 
Phone: 530-752-5088 (W)