Experimental Design and Chemometrics for Chemists, March 8-9, 2016


March 8th & 9th, 2016 
8:30 am - 5:00 pm each day 
UC Davis, RMI South, room 1207, Robert Mondavi Institute, UC Davis 
Cost: $1250 

This two-day workshop will discuss the basics of experimental design and multivariate statistics for analysis of food and beverage samples. The focus will be on fundamentals of sound experimental design for collecting data from multiple analytical platforms (GC, LC, MS, ICP, etc.) with large numbers of samples and analysis by multivariate statistical approaches. This workshop will also provide opportunities to discuss real world data sets featuring tips on pitfalls and limitations of common statistical approaches and how to choose appropriate sampling techniques and statistical tools to meet project objectives. 

Specific Topics Include: 
Experimental Design 
Statistical Sampling Approaches 
Univariate Statistical Data Analysis (Analysis of Variance) 
Exploratory Data Analysis Methods (Principal Component Analysis, Cluster Analysis, etc.) 
Classification and Modeling Approaches (Partial Least Squares Analysis, etc.) 
Real World Examples and Discussions of the Literature 

Who Should Attend? 
Analytical, food, and biological chemists interested in chemometric approaches for understanding interrelationships among multiple variables in a system. Scientists interested in food and beverage authentication, modeling relationships among large numbers of samples and experimental variables, and predicting sample properties based on spectral measurements (IR, MS, etc.). 

To Register: http://ucanr.edu/survey/survey.cfm?surveynumber=16575 

For more information: Please contact Dr. Helene Hopfer hhopfer@ucdavis.edu 

Offered through the UC Davis Food Safety and Measurement Facility foodanalysis.ucdavis.edu 

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