Safety News - Dec. 2014

1. The new campus Chemical Lab Safety Manual is available online. There is a lot of very important and useful information in it. I plan on using it to answer a lot of your questions. It includes the campus-wide Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP). This will be reviewed annually. You should still have a lab specific plan but it will not need to be as extensive as in the past. 

2. There are some new streamlined SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) available here: 
The one for Acutely Hazardous Solids and Liquids is probably the most useful one for most of you. It is 6 pages instead of 9, including a signature page, and tries to clearly spell out what things are required to be added to make it specific for your lab. The group is working on SOPs for corrosives and flammables as well as other chemicals. This group is made up largely of Chemistry graduate students so we are hoping that the SOP's they come up with will be more useful than the previous ones.