Reminder: Lab Coat Laundry - December 2014

Laundry service is available for your lab coats in room 2207 RMI south. Please place your dirty lab coats in the appropriate bag for pick up. If the coat does not have a barcode it should be placed in the bag for unmarked coats. Coats will be picked up early Tuesday morning so be sure you get them into the laundry on Monday. Clean lab coats will be returned to the rack in room 2207. Please pick up your lab coats as soon as possible so there will be room for the next delivery. 

C.M. Lucy Joseph 
Safety Coordinator 
Department of Viticulture and Enology 
Department of Food Science and Technology 
Division of Textiles and Clothing 
3158 RMI North, 595 Hilgard Lane 
University of California 
Davis, CA 95616 

Phone: (530) 752-1809 (Office) (530) 752-2260 (Lab) 
FAX: (530) 752-0382