Fisher Scientific Life Science vendors

We the Fisher Scientific team would like to bring to your attention about various key suppliers that are available in UCD Buy through the Fisher Scientific. With Fisher Scientific being the Prime and preferred distributor of UC system we want to recommend taking a further look into our complete offerings. There are many brands that are distributed through Fisher Scientific in which you can take advantage of discounted pricing and Free Shipping. 

Our Life Science brands, such as Corning, R&D systems, Millipore, BD, GE and more can all be purchased through Fisher Scientific on UCD Buy. In addition, products from Promega, MP Biomedicals can also be purchased from Fisher. Some exciting new offerings through our Fisher Chemicals portfolio include Alfa Aesar and Avantor chemicals. 

We also offer low cost alternatives through Fisher Scientific for your orders from non-preferred vendors such as Sigma Aldrich, Genesee Scientific, USA scientific, Denville and VWR etc. 

Please, let us know the catalog numbers and/or descriptions you're searching for and we can find alternative options for you. We are here to help stretch your dollars with quality products and services. 

We do appreciate your business and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

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