News - BFTV Cluster News - BFTV Cluster for BFTV Cluster News en <a href="/bftv-cluster/request-tracker-rt-introduction" hreflang="en">Request Tracker (RT) Introduction</a> A brief introduction to the Cluster ticketing system for support issues. <a href="/bftv-cluster/it-timelines-and-who-does-what-march-2013" hreflang="en">IT Timelines and Who Does What - March 2013</a> If you wonder about how long it should take to get that hard drive replaced and restored, here is a list of jobs and estimated times for completion. <a href="/bftv-cluster/bftv-information-technology-support-team" hreflang="en">BFTV Information Technology Support Team</a> The BFTV Information Technology Support Team is available to help with administrative, research and instructional computing needs.