montpetit VEN welcomes new Assistant Professor Ben Montpetit
Dr. Ben Montpetit is the Department's newest Assistant Professor, a Microbiologist/Yeast Biologist.


Request Tracker (RT) Introduction
A brief introduction to the Cluster ticketing system for support issues.

Making News

anita CE Specialist Anita Oberholster's research on Red Blotch Disease
Research Focus Anita Oberholster

The Impact of Red Blotch Disease on Grape and Wine Composition

thumb International internships awarded to several students
Winners of the 2016-17 international internships were announced at the end of the academic year. Find out who's going where.

wine flavor 101 Successful Wine Flavor 101 workshops on campus
Two very successful on-campus workshops were held at the UC Davis Conference Center recently, addressing themes of Managing Oxygen for Wine Composition and Stability and Practical Color and Tannin Management Strategies.

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oakville Oakville Experimental Vineyard Grape Day recap
Our Oakville Experimental Vineyard Grape Day was held on June 1, 2016 and had two themes: Pest Management and Applied Water Amounts.

field day Current Developments in Vineyard Mechanization and Precision Viticulture
V&E Extension held a seminar and field day at the UC Davis campus called "Current Developments in Vineyard Mechanization and Precision Viticulture" on April 22, 2016. Some of the underlying themes included labor issues and the looming increases in California's minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2022.


Recent Publications of VEN faculty
Easy access to our latest research!

smelling wine Course Profile: Professor Hildegarde Heymann's class on Sensory Evaluation of Wine (VEN 125 & 125L)
Sensory Evaluation of Wine covers the principles of sensory evaluation and application to wines. Factors influencing wine flavor, data from sensory analysis of model solutions.

wine Microbiological "fingerprints" are a clue to good wine
FST professor David Mills, expanding on his research into the role of microbes in winemaking, says individual wines can have very specific microbial "fingerprints" -- and suggests winemakers can use this information for quality control.

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vivienne Meet student Zirou "Vivienne" Ye
International student Zirou "Vivienne" Ye is a senior undergraduate VEN student.


Department Computer Lab - VEN Computing Lab - Rules
All currently registered Department of Viticulture & Enology students are eligible to use the computer lab.

Department Resources

jackson building Update on the Sustainable Wine & Food Processing Center
2016 is proving to be a busy year at the Sustainable Wine & Food Processing Center!