FST Assistant Professor Ned Spang presenting at Natural Products Expo West

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FST faculty present at the Natural Foods Expo

Posted on: March 21, 2017

David Mills, Kyria Boundy-Mills, Gail Bornhorst and Ned Spang all attended the Natural Foods Expo at the invite of the Southern California Institute of Food Technologists (SCIFTS).

They presented as part of the UC Davis Education track at the conference on Thursday, March 9.

Dr. Mills presented "Lessons learned from a milk-driven enrichment of the infant gut microbiota: Implications for novel prebiotics and probiotics".

Dr. Boundy-Mills' talk was entitled "Production of natural products and food ingredients using yeast".

Dr. Bornhorst presented "The Question of Digestion: How Cooking and Processing Influences Digestion of Food Nutrients".

Dr. Spang's talk was entitled "Understanding the Environmental Implications of Our Food Choices".

After the talks, UC Davis department of Food Science & Technology received a donation for $5,000 from SCIFTS.